Ayurveda _the science of life is an age old treatment modality which is very popular ,especially among keralites. Ayurveda is a lifestyle rather than a treatment modality. That is why maintenance of health and treatment  are equally important in this science. For easy understanding and for easiness in treatment Ayurveda has been divided into 8 angas or branches. They are

  • Kayachikitsa (General medicine)
  • Balachikitsa(Pediatrics)
  • Grahachikitsa(Psychiatry)
  • Salakyatantra(ENT &Ophthalmology)
  • Salyatantra(Surgery &Orthopedics)
  • Vishachikitsa(Toxicology)
  • Rasayana(Geriatrics)
  • Vajeekaranam(Aphrodisiac)

Salyatantra  is an  important branch among these.Acharya susrutha, the eminent ancient surgeon is considered as the prime exponent of salyatantra . He is considered as “Father of surgery ” and” Father of  plastic surgery”. The surgical instruments( Yantra,  sastra) ,surgical conditions ,methods of surgery  etc are clearly and deeply mentioned in Ayurvedic salyatantra treatise centuries ago.The experts in salyatantra used to manage the casualties of war those time.The mutilations happened in wars or as a result of punishment were successfully managed by those experts by means of Nasasandanam(rhinoplasty) ,karna sandanam(otoplasty) etc. And these are consered  as the primary steps in the development of current day plastic surgery.

                             Diseases pertaining to bones, fractures ,strain ,sprain, wounds ,piles ,fistula ,fissure ,sinus ,varicose vein, and other surgical diseases are dealt in this branch . Ayurveda  can offer  cost effective  treatments for  disease like piles , fistula ,varicose vein , non healing ulcers etc , which are prevalent these days.Ksharakarma , ksharasutra chikitsa ,rakthamoksha  and agnikarma are such treatments.

Kshara is nothing but medicinally prepared ash. It is effective in piles ,chronic wounds etc. This kshara is used in the preparation of ksharasutra along with the natural anti inflammatory and antioxidant drug turmeric and snuhi latex.The thread processed using above medicines and sterilized is called as ksharasutra. Its effects in fistula in ano, piles and pilonidal sinus are proven.

Rakthamoksha chikitsa_ discarding the impure blood ,is gearing up in popularity among keralites  .It’s achieved either by means of Siraveda( blood letting from veins) ,Jalookavacharana( leeching) ,sringa( bloodletting using horn) , prachana ( bloodletting by creating small punctures) etc , depending upon the disease and condition of the patient. Varicose vein and associated skin manifestations , non healing ulcers ,external haemarrhoids ,deep vein thrombosis are some among the list of diseases which can be successfully treated by Rakthamoksha.

Another treatment technique,  Agnikarma is also proven effective in Tennis elbow,  golfers elbow , carpal tunnel syndrome,  plantar fasciitis , Achilles tendinitis  etc. As it’s name suggests the technique uses heat therapeutically. Either panchaloha salaka, honey ,ghee or jaggery can be used.Studies shows that agnikarma  is anti inflammatory and pain relieving.

As I said earlier Ayurveda is a lifestyle. So by bringing changes in lifestyle along with proper medication and treatment modalities can provide you a better life experience.