Postnatal Care

Since many misconceptions exist in the field of postpartum care today, it is essential to have an awareness of the scientific approach to postpartum care. Wrong usage of many traditional medicines can cause a variety of complications for the newborn through breastfeeding, also it can lead to maternal obesity and other digestive problems for the mother.

Mother should take medicine meant for uterine cleansing for the first three to five days after delivery and for the next two to three weeks special medicines have to be taken for the uterus and other organs to reach the prenatal stage. Though it is mentioned the use of oil or ghee preparations during this period, stipulates that it must be based on the digestive capacity of the individual. Ayurveda prescribes postpartum care based on the mother’s physical condition, climate, and even geographical location.

Organs, including the uterus, reach the prenatal stage, in about one and a half months after the delivery. Medications that help with this process are prescribed during this period. After that, medicines for rejuvenation can be taken. Postpartum oil massage, special kizhi, and subsequent medicated water baths are very important for a mother’s health.

Edhini Ayurveda Hospital, under the guidance of its team of qualified Gynecologist offers special postpartum treatment with a combination of Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, and Yoga.

Special therapies are available at Edhini for post-partum depression and other mental issues faced by mothers during the postpartum period. These are conducted by our expert team of doctors incorporating Pranayam, Psychotherapy, counseling, and other treatment methods.
Care for the newborn is also very important during this period. Special oil massage and bath to the baby is given under the guidance of our team of pediatricians.